Kitchener Golf



Private and semi-private lessons are available and can be booked to suit your needs and personal schedule. A PGA of Canada golf professional conducts all private lessons. Your instructor will work with you to develop a personalized plan for improvement.  Lessons are planned in advance and will include a follow up email to make sure you remember what was worked on and have some suggestions on how to practice.

Private Lessons

30 minute sessions   

Single lesson$55
Lesson packages 
3 lessons$150
5 lessons$225 
8 Lessons$320 

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students)

45 minute sessions

Pricing for pair 
Single lesson$80 
Lesson packages 
3 lessons$210
5 lessons$330 
8 Lessons$480 

Group Lessons (3-6 students)

1 hour sessions

Pricing for group 
Single lesson$110 
Lesson packages 
3 lessons$300 
5 lessons$450 
8 Lessons$640 

Playing Lesson (3-5 holes)         

Single lesson            $150 

This lesson is very beneficial for the student and for the instructor to understand what areas need improvement. It allows the player to learn, and practice, course management and how to prepare mentally for the game.

To learn more or to register, please call us at 519-741-2949 or email us

**Prices do not include applicable HST**