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Doon Valley Golf Course

500 Doon Valley Dr.
Kitchener ON N2P 1B4
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T. 519-741-2949
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It is your time.  We want to make sure you get the most out of it.  Working with one of our PGA of Canada Professionals you will be able to develop a plan to discover your potential.



Private Lesson Rates 

        Number of Golfers

1-2 hours                        

3+ Hours                     




       2 Golfers

$100/hr ($50/person)

$90/hr ($45/person)

       3+ Golfers



Prices listed are the total for the group, not per person

Sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes

Prices do not include applicable HST

Prices subject to change

Use Your Time How You Want

Here are some examples

New to the Game (3-5 hours) 

Get started on the right track by learning important fundamentals in multiple areas of the game.  Begins your timeline towards becoming an intermediate golfer.

Tune Up (1 hour)

Two 30 minute sessions with video analysis to refresh a previously learned skill.

Learn and Develop a New Skill (3 hours)

Develop a better skill set around the greens to be able to select the correct club, the correct shot and most importantly get it close more often. 


To learn more or to register, please call us at 519-741-2949 or email us

All lessons will take place at the Kitchener Golf Academy, located at the Doon Valley Golf course, 500 Doon Valley Drive.

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